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Hear you can sit back an enjoy all my art work. ;P I hope you all like it. :glomp:



Zorin and Pixia by KoyukitoriGirl
Zorin and Pixia
LOL Funny story time. Well these two were ORIGINALLY SUPPOSED to be adoptables, but low and behold, wouldn't you know it, I completely 100% fell in love with both of them. SO alas I am keeping them. ^^; :D

But I am going to be making some more adoptables soon, so yeah. :)

Anyway the top cubby is a male dragon like lion cub, and the bottom cubby is a female pixie like lion cub. :D

Dang it don't you just hate it when you make something that's supposed to be an adoptable, and you end up falling in love with it, and can't bare to let it go. ^^;

All copyrights to Zorin and Pixia belong to me: :iconkoyukitorigirl:
Styxeon Pokedex Info by KoyukitoriGirl
Styxeon Pokedex Info
I will post a better quality one latter. ^^;

O.K Hear is my Ghost type Eevee evolution Styxeon. I am so happy with how this guy came out he looks so cool. :iconomgsocuteplz:
Again this is just one of the many hundreds of Pokemon that I have made up over the years. :D

Anyway I hope that you like it. :D

All copyrights to Styxeon belongs to me: :iconkoyukitorigirl:
All copyrights to Pokemon belongs to: :iconnintendoplz:
Cubs For Kylacloughley by KoyukitoriGirl
Cubs For Kylacloughley
Hear is the cub breedings requested by :iconkylacloughley: I hope that you like them. :D

Father: # 3 sythe X dark galaxy
Mother: Reyleen

Cub 0-1: MINE, Male Tolanden

Cub 1: Male
Cub 2: Female

Father: Aaron
Mother: Acid Candy

Cub 0-2: MINE, Female Acid Melon

Cub 3: Male
Cub 4: Female

All copyrights to Reyleen, Aaron, Acid Candy, and the designs/art of these cubs belongs to me: :iconkoyukitorigirl:
All copyrights to # 3 belong to: :iconkylacloughley: And only she is allowed to use cubs 1, 2, 3, and 4.


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1,881 / 10,000
:iconcherryblossomplz: :iconcherryblossomplz: :iconcherryblossomplz: :iconcherryblossomplz: :iconcherryblossomplz: :iconcherryblossomplz: :iconcherryblossomplz:

Point Commissions - On Hold by SweetDuke Requests - On Hold by SweetDuke Trades - On Hold by SweetDuke Yes Cub Breedings are Open Stamp by KoyukitoriGirl

Astrology Series - Taurus by feiyan Gryffindor-Stamp by Dinoclaws

Would like a premium membership. :iconkikuplz:
And would also like to be able to donate to other artist's, and buy some things that take point's. ^^;

Check out my friend KawaiiAdopts17 She love's to make Lion King Adoptable's, and they are very cute design's. Hear's a link to her current one, if your interested. => Lion Cub Adoptables 2 by KawaiiAdopts17

And you should also check out :icondahub: if you want to earn more point's. :D :iconpikapikadanceplz:

People's that I know's in real life, my best bud's and acquaintances. Maybe check them out. ;P :iconhyperplz:
:iconx-sakuyaaine: (My best-est friend ina whole wide world.) :iconkrissystin: :iconsoulkat7: (Two more of my best-est bud's. :D ) :iconrockleefourever: (My kid brother.) :iconcardcapters: (My baby brother)

:iconcherryblossomplz: :iconcherryblossomplz: :iconcherryblossomplz: :iconcherryblossomplz: :iconcherryblossomplz: :iconcherryblossomplz: :iconcherryblossomplz:

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Alright, this is so cool. And I am so entering. :D
:iconkamirahadopts: / :iconkatakitforest: is holding a MYO Contest for her really cute closed species the Katakit. :D
 The contest ends July 25. So hop on over and have a look. :D


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Candice Neufeld
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
:iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz:

Current Residence: medicine Hat, Alberta
Favorite genre of music: Techno
Favorite photographer: My mother
Favorite style of art: all types
MP3 player of choice: My Pink I-pod NANO
Favorite cartoon character: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Cardcaptor Sakura, Li, Shoron, Teito Klein.............. on & on & on......
Personal Quote: " Beleave In The Magic Of Your Dreams" or "the 4 Truth's of Life. 1. You can not stick out your toung and look up at the same time. 2. All idiots after reading number one will try it. 3. And realize that number 1 was a lie. 4. You are smiling now because you are an idiot. :) "

:iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz:




1.) For:
2.) For:
3.) For:
4.) For:
5.) For:

CUB BREEDING'S: Yes Cub Breedings are Open Stamp by KoyukitoriGirl

1.) For: :iconprotosykelegacy:
Leero X Savana = 2 Cubs
Leero X Aleeza = 1Cub
Leero X Sonador = 1 Cub
Leero X Willow = 1 Cub
Leero X Roxy = 1 Cub
Leero X Koda… = 1 Cub
Lyrin X August = 2 Cubs
Nocturne X August = 2 Cubs
Clyde X Roxy = 1 Cub
Clyde X Sonador = 2 Cubs
Jaxter X Roxy = 2 Cubs
Jaxter X Sonador = 2 Cubs
Meeko X Akane = 1 Cub
Aaron X Koda… = 1 cub
Sonador X Syke… = 2 Cubs
Savana X Syke… = 1 Cub
Royal X Myst = 1 Cub
2.) For: :iconarticwolf14:
Akane X Leero =
3.) For: :iconprincessmoon-ranch:
Black Rose X #5… = 2 Cubs
Draganna X #5… = 2 Cubs
Stelluna X #5… = 2 Cubs
Stelluna X #2 out-of-temporalspace.deviantar… = 2 Cubs
Aries X Saclare princessmoon-ranch.deviantart.… = 2 Cubs
Drako X Saclare princessmoon-ranch.deviantart.… = 2 Cubs
Solaris X Saclare princessmoon-ranch.deviantart.… = 2 Cubs
Aries X Chryseis princessmoon-ranch.deviantart.… = 2 Cubs
Drako X Chryseis princessmoon-ranch.deviantart.… = 2 Cubs
Solaris X Chryseis princessmoon-ranch.deviantart.… = 2 Cubs
Aries X #2 out-of-temporalspace.deviantar… = 2 Cubs
Drako X #2 out-of-temporalspace.deviantar… = 2 Cubs
Solaris X #2 out-of-temporalspace.deviantar… = 2 Cubs
Leero X Chryseis princessmoon-ranch.deviantart.… = 2 Cubs
Sanjay X Chryseis princessmoon-ranch.deviantart.… =2 Cubs
Sanjay X #2 out-of-temporalspace.deviantar… = 2 Cubs
4.) For: :iconharu-s-adopts:
Sanjay X Doe = 1 Cub
5.) For: :iconearthbound-hippie:
Leero X Akane =
6.) For: :iconsoufroma:
Leero X Akane = 4 Cubs
7.) For:
8.) For:
9.) For:
10.) For:

Things for people no longer hear on D.A

0.) For: :iconmissasiah:
Kenai & Corla = 3 cub's
Kenai & Savana = 3 cub's
Leero & Savana = 3 cub's
Leero & Corla = 3 cub
Name: Tavu (Custom Cub)
Gender: Male
Coat Color:Something Dark
Eye Color: Green & Red
Species: Lion
Other: Scar's on his eye, legs, and a goatee.


For: My good friend :iconzemiki:
A picture of her O.C's Kidaru and Brennon. - GETTING READY TO WORK ON.


1.) For :iconkrunkatronic:
A pic of himself as a lion cub. - GETTING READY TO WORK ON.
2.) For :iconamerican236:
A Pic of her O.C's Shengwe =>… , Raha =>… , and Imara =>…, in it. With Shengwe walking through the prideland's with Raha, while Imara is in the background laying on a rock, and both Raha, and Imara are pregnant. - GETTING READY TO WORK ON
3.) For:
4.) For:
5.) For:


1.) For:
2.) For:
3.) For:
4.) For:
5.) For:
6.) For:
7.) For:
8.) For:
9.) For:
10.) For:


1.) For: :icontwin-fan:
Her in a teenager lioness, full body, TLK style, her resting on a rock in the savanna,
2.) For :iconzane-faust:
1. well my foxy you drew before well he is in Victorian shirt vest and pants.… the jacket looks like this… and note the eyes and he carries a large wrench and and has vials and flask bottles. the wrench looks like this…

2. my next is a husky that is a psion he is a average husky and has a crystal sword. this cloths and sword looks like this.…

3. now is the platinum dragon who has ice magic and his cloths and sword look like this…

4. next is a mole in a oriental garb like this only make it earth tone colors.

5. next is the nezami aka rat with cloths like this… and has 2 wraiths around him that look like this…

6. the cat that is a jester hehehe a white cat with a jester outfit on and has bone spikes coming out of him sometimes like this… make his claws bone too hehehe

7. the owl he is a rune wizard so give him runes in the air or something and he is wearing black shorts and wearing these items…

8. next is the badger that is armored with this armor… and a sword kinda like that one

9. last is the lynx and he is wearing cloths in a male version like this… and goggles.

:iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz:

My Commission Info if your interested. =>…

:iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz:

Please check my Art Status Stamp by Chibi-Nuffie Common sense. DO YOU HAVE IT? by World-Hero21 :thumb361554812: I Used to Wonder What Friendship Could Be by endler Just saying by Love-Murder I WANT MOAR ART IN MAH DEVIANTART. by World-Hero21 :thumb326091340: Love Pikachu Stamp by NoNamepje Pikachu stamp by Strange-little-cat (In)Sane by pjuk I'm lazy. by World-Hero21 Don't be an attention-seeker. by World-Hero21 :thumb363730889: BornToBeAWinnerJhotoBornToBeAChampion by endler :thumb366268837: :thumb364756553:
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Stamp: Partying by LegendaryMotherfucka Silence is Golden by flying-wolf-32 Stop Labeling Religious Peoples by ConnieSmith Yoshi Supporter Stamp by TheGreenDragonGirl F.R.O.G. Stamp by TheGreenDragonGirl I didn't think I could be, but... by World-Hero21 This is Coming From an Older Teen Who Loves Ponies by endler :thumb348728002: :thumb347458955: You most likely deserved it then. by World-Hero21 Annoying little bitches by OverusedCupcakes :thumb333428394: I won't tolerate being accused. by World-Hero21 YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE AN ADULT, FOR FUCK'S SAKE. by World-Hero21 I'd rather have points by HarmonicSonic MS Paint Stamp by grueneserbschen Racism - stamp by Angi-Shy I support Fairy Type pokemon by Bored-Man28 Not allowed by pjuk Second Pokemon Stamp of the Day by endler I Like What I Like Because I Like It by endler HomyGod Last Stamp in a While by endler Pokemon Stamp by Shantella :thumb381804921: Pikachu Fan Stamp by LuvOshawott I love Pokemon Stamp by shadowhatesomochao Pikachu Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Eeveelution Stamp by FireStump New Pokemon Stamp by SailorSolar Proud Pokemon Lover by LittleRedRagDoll Real Pokemon fans don't bitch by KooboriSapphire All Five and a Half of Them by endler Take Off the Nostalgia Glasses Already by endler Pikachu is Now the Devil by endler BUT YER TOO OLD FOR THIS by endler I Heart Beaches by smilekeeper You love it too :D by ElectrikPinkPirate Mistakes Stamp by SuperNeko64 Bouvet Island by SirvanaRachana Parenting by paramoreSUCKS PewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwler :thumb283156266: PewDiePie - Here Comes The Brofist Stamp by TwilightProwler PewDiePie Stamp by MissButtler Pewdiepie Stamp by HowlingKnight PewDie Reaction-Stamp by YamiTheFox :thumb300741729: I support Pewdiepie and all his brolyness by WayTooMuchPressure .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot My Memory Sucks by renatalmar stamp - don't judge a book... by Daeg-Niht Its not art theif... by Stonekill We Love Both by SilverToraGe Favorite Stamp by Ravechu Gatomon stamp by FortunaDraken

The Seriously Evil Laugh by Mike-RaWare

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